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Darkest dungeon свиной принц

09.01.2017  · Darkest Dungeon - это игра, где одно... Skip navigation ... Darkest Dungeon - #72 Родные Пенаты 1:1 Свиной Король

Прохождение Darkest Dungeon , часть 8. Бой со Свиным принцем... Darkest Dungeon ♦ Свиной принц (БОСС) ...

13.03.2016  · Встроенное видео  · Осмелюсь ли я заглянуть страху в глаза и пожертвовать всем ради моей цели? Смогут ли ...

The ways and rituals of blood sacrifice are difficult to master. Those from beyond require a physical vessel if they are to make the crossing into our reality. The timing of the chants is imperative: without the proper utterances at precise intervals, the process can fail spectacularly.

My first attempts at summoning were crude, and the results disappointing. I soon found, however, that the type and condition of the host's meat was a critical factor. The best results came from pigs, whose flesh is most like that of man.

The great thing I had managed to bring through was brutish and stupid. Moreover, it required prodigious amounts of meat to sustain itself. But this was only a trifling concern. Afterall, I had a village full of it.

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