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Primordial harmony cobalt jewel

And isn’t that exactly  what you needed today, on a day that has already been as friendly as a paper cut? Smartmouth from some total stranger ‘way older than you, some guy you never heard of before, comes on fronting you with his “young people suck” riff, tripping on you before you even know what you did wrong to get this geezer so on a mission. Very nice, very cool. Yeah, you say: I gotcher cool right here.

So okay, I’m not talking about all  teenaged kids. Just the ones you  have to deal with every day. The pinheads, the bullies, the mean little rats who laugh at you behind your back or right to your face because you’re too fat or too scrawny or too tailor too short or you can’t control the farts or you bump into things all the time or you got a helluva acne plague this week or your mommy dressed you weird or you speak with an accent, or you’re good at sports but the other creeps think you’re just a big dumb ox, or you really like to read and you get decent grades but the jocks and sosch skanks think you’re the Prince of the Kingdom of Geek.

Not all  “young people,” just the lames who bust your  chops. Yeah, all of ‘em...they should itch forever with no scratch available. They should break a leg or two.

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